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JJ's YEAR OF DESTINY- DAY 14- Sum'n Like a BO$$!

The Promised Land is so grand- full of dynamic purpose, hope and destiny. Unfortunately, some people just can't matter how badly you want them to...they don't want it badly enough for themselves. They willingly close their eyes to the vision of freedom and prosperity. They'd rather continue grumbling, complaining, and wandering in the desert. Don't fight their right to be mediocre. Keep marching forward. Take hold of your amazing future! -jj thames.

This time last year, I was saying my vows, and looking deep into my new husband's eyes...promising to love, cherish and honor him for the rest of my life. We slow danced, ate cake,had an amazing gourmet brunch- maybe a couple too many mimosas, and retired to our beautiful suite at the Peabody Hotel in Memphis. My heart was full of joy and hope for the future. This year, Instead of laying on the white sandy beach in the Bahamas soaking in the sunshine and beautiful cerulean water, like we were supposed to be at th…


"You can't just lay down and let life happen to you... you have to DO life...and do it big. You're the boss...You determine how you're going to survive... pushing back or being run over...ride the waves, or let them drown you." -jj thames. Yesterday was Thanksgiving...and was probably one of the worst days of my life... Thanksgiving/Christmas/The New Year/Valentine's Day all have been attached to very unsavory memories... My mother's death, my child's diagnosis and death the following year, now a divorce...(this time last year, we were celebrating with family members and preparing for our wedding in 3 days, now we are separated, waiting for the mandatory waiting period to be over, and divorce to be final, and completely excommunicated- what amazing things can happen in a year.) sideeye* Then there are the many very lonely holiday experiences throughout the years  (my birthday is in July and that ones a doozy too! One year- EVERYBODY forgot...(I never me…

JJ's YEAR OF DESTINY- DAY 9- Getting to Know You, Getting To Know All About You

God is not pretentious...that's us...He just wants to be our friend, and for us to come and talk to Him like we do our best friends. He wants us to tell Him our thoughts, dreams, hearts desires, pains, plans and the like...even though He already knows. He's just so...everything wonderful...when you get to know Him. -jj thames.
The poem below is one that I wrote in 2009, and genuinely was the beginning of my relationship with God...When I learned to let go of the formality, and just told the truth. Best thing I've ever done...enjoy! 
Hey God, It's me...for real this time. By jj thames.
Hey God, it me...for real this time. Don't strike me down, I'm puttin it all on the line. Shoot straight from the hip, all liquor no chaser. No pretense, no formulas, no strainers, no shakers. I feel bamboozled, led astray, put aside... These people who say they know you, their checklists I've tried. I'm starting to see, starting to believe that they are all jacked up and …

JJ's YEAR OF DESTINY- DAY 8- Get 'Er Dunn!

Everyday's a holiday- jj thames. 
Them: Hey ya doin? Me: Everyday's a* Them: I guess...twisted lips*..eyebrow raised*
When I greet people, this is usually my response...even when my world is seemingly crumbling around me-my answer very seldom changes...I may not have done some...scratch that...A WHOLE HEAP of things right...but, one thing that I did knock out of the ballpark was relentlessly followed my dream to be a recording artist...All of the blood, sweat, and tears are finally paying off...and I LOVE MY LIFE.  EVERYDAY IS A HOLIDAY!!! (pick one)
This won't be a long post...I have to go sing in a, I'll make my ramblings concise... -bottom the life you love, and love the life you live! 
Are you miserable at that 7-3, 8-4, 9-5?? or whatever increments of time that you are required to work? Do you live for the weekend?? There is a life that you can live where EVERY SINGLE wake up, and feel like its a holiday. Not…

JJ's YEAR OF DESTINY- DAY 7- Tell the Truth, Shame the Devil

I have too many song lyrics, prose, dreams, and plans bouncing around in my mind, and drink too much wine to lie to you...I've fought tooth and nail to love and accept myself, so, what you see, is what you get. Don't want the truth? Don't ask me. I won't stop living out loud, or freely living my truth for anyone.  -jj thames.
Those of you who have been following my blog, Facebook posts, and/or music career for any amount of time know that I have no secrets, nor do I have any shame...I am who I am...I do not apologize for my past, present or dreams for my future. I learn from all of it, and I share my discoveries freely...I do not embarrass easily, if at all. (you can ask my band members about that-I've taken a few tumbles off of stage, only to climb back up, and keep the party going. One time, I fell on stage and couldn't get up without showing all my goodies, so I sat on the floor in my mini dress, crossed my legs and finished singing the rest of the song sitti…

JJ's YEAR OF DESTINY- DAY 6- When It Hurts So Bad, Whys It Feel So Good?

"72 hours of hard labor is what it took to get my son here.
No matter how hard I fought to not feel it- I had to surrender to the deep contractions that wracked my body to the core. 
15 years later...I remember the experience....but, I feel none of the pain.
Yet, I can still feel the awe of when he was placed in my arms. 
It was all worth it.
When I come out of this hard labor...this soul crushing thing...
I will remember the journey...but I will feel none of the pain.
When I look back at this dark spot in my history. 
I will stand in awe at where God brought me from and to...
I will give birth to my new future. 
This breaking, my surrendering- will all be worth it-
When I hold my dreams close to my heart." -jj thames.
Today, in my humanity...I feel weaker than ever. But, in my spirit...I am full, big, fulfilled ...satiated. As sleep tugs at my eyelids...I know that when I lay down, I will have one of the most peaceful sleeps that I've had in months. Today, another layer …

JJ's YEAR OF DESTINY DAY 5- Divorce is of the Devil...

"You don't know how "one" you've really become- until you're ripped apart. 
Divorce is of the devil...
I wish it on no one...ever."  -jj thames.

Not in the mood to face the world today. so I won't. my bed is my solace... listening to my new record, tightening up arrangements, listening for more possibilities- soothes my angst. this divorce stuff irks my soul... one or two days- I barely think about it. next day...I feel like I've been hit by a bullet train at maximum speed- and just want to lay in my darkened bedroom and look at the ceiling. No tmusic, no TV...just bed...and the ceiling. Sleep usually eventually welcomes me. But, then there's the dreams- and waking again to the pain. I feel like a part of me has died. It's a strange kind of pain... its a numbing abiding an irritating itch deep in your soul that you really have no kind of way to scratch. You just have to talk about it, and suffer through it, until it stops itching…

JJ'S YEAR OF DESTINY DAY 4- They Towed My Baby

"I want my music to be the soundtrack streaming under people's real everyday lives." -jj thames."
I know ya'll have heard me say it a bazillion times now...but, my upcoming record is AMAZING!!! My band is AMAZING!! My label is AMAZING! My team is AMAZING! I am soooo very blessed. Truly, I do live a charmed life. It wasn't always that way...matter fact, my life was pretty crappy for a long time. Many things that happened to me weren't my fault. And, then there were the things that I was just plain ol' stupid, made HORRIBLE decisions, and deserved every bit of what I got.
That's why I can write songs that people love, understand, and relate to. Cuz, I have lived a life that has been full of drama. drama. drama. I wouldn't change a thing though. Every painful experience only heightened my sensitivity to joy. When something good happens (and it does ALOT) I feel it deeper. My soul leaps, spins, and flips...My smile is genuine...I don't know th…