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Joy is My Strength

I have come to understand that joy is not the same thing as happiness. Happiness is invested in one's circumstances. It is a comes and goes. Joy is a state of being- it is a fruit of the Spirit (a result of the Spirit of God living within) it is a deep abiding peace, an assurance that God is sovereign. I don't have to like what's happening...I don't have to dig my circumstances...I merely have to trust that God knows what He is doing, that He loves me...and is working it all together for my good. There is a peace that truly surpasses understanding that overtakes me in my darkest hours knowing that I'm His, and that He has me, like the whole world, in the palm of His hand. The joy of the Lord truly is my strength, and I understand the psalmist when He said..."Do not force me away from your presence, and do not take Your Spirit away from me." Psalm 51:11 The Presence of God truly is the air I breathe...suffocating is not an option.‪#‎thejoyofth…

Those Bloody Blood Moons: What Does it All Mean? there are many jokes, memes, snide comments, etc. referring to the idea that Jesus was supposed to be coming back last night because of the solar eclipse...(blood moon). That was NOT what was media irks my nerves. We see it on facebook, and just run with it! Im not sure that we really care what the truth is. Do we bother to even search for it? Or is it more entertaining and self soothing to make jest at something that we never bothered to understand? To poke fun at those "silly radical Christians" with their darn fundamentalist ideals and shake our fists at them trying to proselytize everybody. Does it swell our chests out, and make us feel intellectually superior to hide behind our computers and phones while throwing rocks at people that hold fast and believe in something that we can't wrap our minds around, because it doesn't fit into our box of comfort and control. I promise if you want to hide something from somebody...put it in a book! T…

Peace Be Still

Peace is not absence of trouble. There can be all kind of turmoil and chaos going on around you. Peace is not allowing it on the inside. It's knowing that God is right there with you in the midst of the trouble. ‪#‎peacebestill‬‪#‎inhispresence‬‪#‎ilovemylife‬‪#‎goditrustyou‬‪#‎happygirljj‬‪#‎safeinHisarms‬‪#‎noworries‬

Kick Fear's Butt!

Whenever fear tries to grip my soul concerning what I am believing God for...I remind fear what God has to say about it invading my space. Fear and faith cannot habitually reside in the same place. So fear...YOU have gots ta go!!! We aint friends!!! Life hands us many things to legitimately be afraid of...however, my God is bigger, stronger, Lord over all that I could ever face...and He's got me in the palm of His hand. I am powerful. I am calm. I am full of love. I am well- balanced in mind. I have self-control (i control my emotions, and my mouth! I speak only life to my situation.) No weapon formed against me shall prosper. I am more than a conquer. I am a victor-not a victim. I am mighty in the land.The battle is already won. All I have to do is stand on his promises. Be still and know that He is God- and watch his salvation. I may feel the fear...but I refuse to wallow in it- I refuse to embrace it...because it is NOT God's best for me. And I want EVERYTHING that belongs…

Live In The NOW!

Laying in bed...preparing to take on the day-taking an inventory of my life. Things are not perfect...not in the least. But...I conclude that...I LOVE MY LIFE! I am thankful for every day God opens my eyes. Everyday is a new journey...A gift...I'm eager to open it, knowing that at the end- I will have yet another precious jewel of wisdom to add to my collection. I am thankful for the people in my life-I couldn't have planned such a perfect variation of folks both personally, and professionally to be characters in my story. See, many times we focus on what we DONT have...we replay our game reel over and over, scrutinizing and beating ourselves up for what we think we shoulda, coulda, woulda done...All we see is what we are MISSING, and judge our lives and success from a wish list...but, when we take a step back and see all that God HAS done, and IS doing in, and for us- and that this life truly is short and fragile. He is in control whether we acknowledge Him or not...that wish…

The Numbers Don't Lie

I LOVE numbers...
they don't lie. Alfred Edersheim was a teacher of languages and Grinfield Lecturer on the Septuagint. (An ancient Koine Greek translation of the Hebrew Bible-Translated between 300-200BC) He said there were 456 messianic passages in Scripture, supported by more than 558 references from the most ancient rabbinical writings. Many of these prophetic passages are repetitive, and some are obscure. However, there are at least 109 seperate and destinct prophecies the Messiah must fulfill. The probablility of even 20 of the 109 prophecies being fulfilled in one man- odds would be of one in one quadrillion, one hundred and twenty-five trillion (try that on for the nations I read an example that I will plug myself into...
Out of the billions of people who populate this planet, you can put a postcard in the mail with just a few distinctions on it, and I will be the only person to receive it. You eliminate much of the world when you send it to the United States…

Keep The Faith...The Miracle is in Your Mouth.

God is touched by our tears, but he is not moved by them. 
He is concerned about our hard times...but he is not moved by them.
What causes God to get off of His throne and move on our behalf is when we begin to praise Him. When we operate in faith...When we speak His word over our situation. God is bigger than any of our obstacles. If He is big enough to put the dream in our hearts. He is big enough to bring it to pass. He inhabits the praises of His people. He watches over his word to perform it...and without faith in that word we cannot please God. Speak it, believe it, receive your mouth wide and God will fill it. ‪#‎goditrustyou‬‪#‎happygirljj‬‪#‎stayinfaith‬‪#‎keepbelieving‬‪#‎guardyourmouth‬‪#‎yourblessingsinyourmouth‬‪#‎tellyouwhatiknow‬‪#‎growth‬‪#‎refinement‬

A Change Gone Come

This made my day this morning. I've had some really hard circumstances that I have faced for almost 2 years now. I am coming out of it a changed person. A better person. A person with something of value to say, and to offer to others. This video sums up what I've had to truly learn over the last 2 years...DAILY. There were some days...I didn't think I would make it. I suffered from and struggled with fear, loneliness, anger, depression, suicidal thoughts, weariness, basically, just wanting to throw my hands up, and quit...EVERYTHING! but, I know in the depths of my soul...A change gone come. I call it done! I am not afraid. Here I stand. Expecting...watching God bring all my dreams to pass...learning to be silent, to be still...and to KNOW that He is God.

Living On The Edge

I have decided...
To follow Jesus.
To die...daily.
To allow Him to be the leader...and to follow...wholeheartedly.
To see God's hand in everything, and trust that He knows what He's doing.
To love my neighbor as I love myself...
To love myself.
To live my every waking moment as if it were my last...passionately, on purpose, & to create a Godly legacy (afterall, only what you do for Christ will last)
To be wealthy, healthy, and whole- embracing EVERY promise that God has given to me.
To run my race to win.
To walk out my God given purpose in excellence everyday.
To hear, "Well done, my good and faithful servant."
To give more than I receive.
To listen more than I speak (that's a doozy)
To wait for the yes, and be content with the no.
To cry when it hurts...and to worship regardless.
To always have a shout of praise on my lips and a song in my heart.
To be thankful...Every single moment...because God is good all the time...And all the time, He is good.


In 2003, I lost my mother, Faith, to cancer. In 2 year old son, Zion-Paul, also to cancer-brought on by immunizations. Many say that the thing that causes us the greatest pain...typically, is the thing that we are the most passionate about. Well...holistic health awareness is definitely at the top of my list, as well as erradicating poverty (I've been there) and becoming a happy/whole person (I'm diligently working at this as well). In addition to being a recording artist, I have become a consultant for a holistic product company, Arbonne. It actually takes all of my passions and rolls them into one...Arbonne is where holistic health and wellness (becoming a whole and happy person), online shopping, and business ownership (wealth building) intersect. For me, it's a dream come true. I know, I know...people don't like to feel pressured into purchasing stuff-we roll our eyes when we see the salesman coming, and immediately feel our pockets and purses being thre…

You Are Loved...

My heart is heavy tonight...I feel like there's so many unhappy, hurting people out there - Looking for answers. I genuinely know what it is to feel like the world is closing in on you. To have your deepest fears turn to ice in your veins...when hope seems hopeless, and the smallest sliver of joy around you seems like a cruel joke. I know what it's like to be lonely, heartbroken, disregarded, disrespected and betrayed. When the tears you cry are never enough- and soothe nothing, and the grief you feel reaches to a place you can't even find to rub. Wherever you go-it stays with you in some indescript place in the center of your being. I even know what it's like to watch your dreams spin down the drain, and to entertain the thought of death as a comforting notion. You are not alone. The wide open mouth smile you often see, and the ‪#‎happygirljj‬ tag- was paid for with many desperate nights of prayer and calling on the name of Jesus. I have learned to be content no matt…


I Got a Made Up Mind

Today, something happened that literally took my breath away. My heart ached. My soul was being pulled apart at the seams...All I had in my arsenal was the name of Jesus. But, you know what? That weapon was more than enough. And the more I said His precious name...The more that righteous anger built in my soul. The more that I called on my Savior. The stronger I became on the inside...until I realized that I'm tired. You know, a lot of things in life don't change until your tired. An evangelist, Johnathan Suber, came to my church this past Sunday, and said that desperation gives birth to miracles. Desperation typically comes when you're tired...sick and tired of being sick and tired....and I am tired of the devils CRAP! Today, I was tempted to talk about, complain about, cry about this problem...but, instead...I talked to the problem about my Jesus. I WILL be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might. The devil WILL NOT beat up on me and my family ANYMORE! He is a …

Speak Life!

Her: are you doing? (Brows furrowed, bites corner of lip, hand on my shoulder)
Me: fine...
Her: (rubs by arm)I mean, really? How ARE you for REAL?
Me: (blink. Blink) fine...
Her: (blink blink)
Me: (blink blink)
Her: (shifts weight, scratches nose, crosses arms, looks at me expectantly- blink. blink.)
Me: Look...I've made up my mind...If everything was crappy, jacked all the way up...If nothing was going my way, and if my prayers seemed to bounce off the ceiling...that ain't nobody's business...not even mine. Bellyachin does nothing but make It worse. You speak what you want to see...not what is.
My confession will not change.
I am blessed.
I am highly favored.
God has me in the palm of His hand.
I rest in His promises, and He promised that all things are working together for my good because I love Him.
No weapon formed against me will prosper.
I am not forgotten...God calls me friend.
I take joy in my trials and tribulations, because I know that it is developing patience, and c…


I pray.
I obey.
I pray.
I obey.
I pray. 
I obey.
One step at a time.
One moment at a time.
Sometimes, I'm over the moon, and if life got any better- I might implode.
Or sometimes, (like now) the going ain't easy...I'm being stretched to the max, and I am more conscious of my leaning on the Father for every step, word, breath, blink, heartbeat...simply just to "be", more than usual. You know it's almost like the baby who's learning to take steps...she takes two or three steps, and she's excited (everyone is) and she gets overly confident and tries to run without holding her Fathers hand...then she falls...hard. Shes stunned. She hurts. she cries... But, her loving father doesn't scold her. Rather he smiles. He just picks her up, and dusts her off. Kisses her on the forehead and takes her hand...she begins to walk again. Trust in Him in all your ways, lean not to your own understanding. In all your ways, acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your path. (Make…

Don't You Worry Bout a Thing...

The greater your challenge, the greater your future. The harder it gets, the closer you are to coming out. Keep on keeping on. Your problem may not get any smaller, but, you can get bigger! You have the power of the most high God on the inside of you. When going through issues....don't focus on what you are going through. ..focus on what you are going TO! It may look like your situation is dead, and hopeless... Your ressurection, and your new season is on its way!!!

Follow Your Peace

When the deceiver speaks to us, he can't give us peace. When we try to solve things with our own reasoning, we cannot find peace, because according to Romans 8:6, the mind of the flesh is death, but the mind of the Holy Spirit is life and peace. Follow your peace. Let the emotions subside and THEN decide. If we wait for God's true peace, we will be obedient with faith. Peace is the true confirmation that we are hearing from God.‪#‎bestillandknow‬‪#‎donothingtilyouhearfromme‬‪#‎peacebestill‬‪#‎happygirljj‬‪#‎tellyouwhatiknow‬‪#‎hardlessonslearned‬‪#‎latenightcramsessions‬