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Gone On With Your Bad Self...

When God made you, he broke the mold. You have everything you need to complete the God-given destiny for your life. Don't compare yourself...celebrate yourself. There is an anointing on your life for you to be you. Run YOUR race. At 20 years old, we care what everybody thinks about us. At 40 years old, we could care less what people think about us. At 60 years old...we realize that nobody was thinking about us. You are free to be you. Be the original God created you to be. ‪#‎goodmornin‬‪#‎fulfillyourpurpose‬‪#‎growth‬‪#‎refinement‬‪#‎developmemt‬‪#‎happygirljj‬‪#‎tellyouwhatiknow‬

NEVER Give Up!

Lord, thank you for the 86,400 seconds that you have given me today. Help me to realize how short my life on this earth really is-help me to make the most of each day. Redeem my time that has been stolen, lost and wasted, by helping me to run with unflinching purpose every single day. I refuse to live a day of my life discouraged, angry, upset, limited, offended, worried, afraid, or unhappy. I choose to focus on You and the amazing dreams and purpose that you have given me...and declare that I will live my life out loud...proclaiming the hope, joy, blessings and freedom that you graciously give me every single second of every single day. Thank you for your love and unprecedented favor. ‪#‎happygirljj‬‪#‎livingontheedge‬‪#‎ilovemylife‬‪#‎noworriesjusthappy‬‪#‎tellyouwhatiknow‬‪#‎livingoutloud‬‪#‎poormouthpoorlife‬‪#‎takethelimitsoff‬‪#‎nolimitsnoboundaries‬

Meet Me In The Secret Place.

Be fruitful right where you are. Take what God has given you, and make the best of it. Sow a seed in your time of need. The more that you think about your problems...The bigger they will become. Be faithful in the wilderness, and when it's time for you to go into the promised land, you'll be ready. Stop renting out space in your mind to negative thoughts. Be the person of excellence that God has called you to be... no matter how people treat you. Be fruitful in the midst of affliction, in spite of the affliction...and God will bring you through the affliction. Don't waste another minute being depressed and defeated. Do the right thing..even though the wrong thing has happened to you. Go help somebody else in need. God turned the captivity of job when he prayed for his friends. ‪#‎prayerworks‬‪#‎passthetest‬‪#‎bestillandknowiamgod‬‪#‎noworries‬‪#‎wisdom‬‪#‎refinement‬‪#‎growth‬‪#‎diligence‬‪#‎thesecretplace‬‪#‎revival‬‪#‎noagendajustjesus‬

I Surrender All...

I want to go to now. At this moment.
Time is moving too slow. 
I just want to lay out at the altar. 
I have so much to be thankful for...and so much I'm ready for God to burn up and out of my life. 
I have so much that I want to intercede for...
So much I'm believing for.
I'm ready for promotion...I'm ready to move from this place.
I want to be better.
I want to be more.
I want to be like Jesus.
I want his love to pour out of me for other people.
I want to forgive...effortlessly.
I want to not be selfish.
I want to give cheerfully.
I want to move in him and have my being at all times.
I want to go to another place of worship. I want to worship him with every cell that I have in my body...
I wish I could just jump in the air and be caught up and sit in His presence forever.
I have so much to do...I know...
But to live is Christ. To die is gain.

Choking on Greatness

When I leave this earth...I will close my eyes saying I have finished my course. I will have used every gift, talent and treasure that God placed on the inside of me. I will excel at everything that my hand touches...and will live a life marked with excellence. Mediocrity has no place in my life. I was not born mediocre...and I will not live, love, nor die mediocre. I will do all that I can do...and God will do the rest. ‪#‎tellyouwhatiknow‬‪#‎happygirljj‬‪#‎iaintgoin‬‪#‎thegrinddontstop‬‪#‎destinedforgreatness‬‪#‎discipline‬‪#‎imfocusedman‬‪#‎noworries‬‪#‎humble‬‪#‎growth‬‪#‎refinement‬

Somebody's Watchin Meeee

How many times do we miss God's best because we get on board with our feelings? The decisions we make in our defining moments will determine how high we will rise. They not only affect us, but our children. Our response in our defining moments-speaks volumes. They see our example. How do we act when someone treats us wrong? Do we stay in peace when nothings going our way? Do we give up when our dreams seem to be evading us? We can't make permanent decisions based on temporary uncomfortable circumstances. No person lives or dies unto themselves...someone's ALWAYS watching. More than our accomplishments...our character, our integrity. we handle tough times is what creates our legacy. God doesn't expect us to be perfect...but, what we do after we mess up also speaks volumes-do we apologize? Do we have the humility to go and make things right? We all have unfair situations and setbacks. We cant get stuck there...we have to move on to the next chapter of our lives. Th…

Persevering To Pay It Forward

Guess who's on the front of a magazine today, and has the featured Interview??? It's meeeee!!! ‪#‎supercool‬ Check out my's gonna be super awesome!!! Thank you Bluesblast!! And Terry Mullins for giving me a platform to share my journey!!! Www.bluesblastmagazine.comLike|comment|SHARE

And I'm Feeling Good...

4am...and I'm up...not because I can't sleep...but, because I am EXCITED about the day....and ready to get it movin...I have so much to do...(including a show later on this evening-you should come 😊) I LOVE my everyday life!!! I have come to realize that there is nothing better than waking up and knowing are right smack dab in the middle of your destiny...your path is a good one...and Gods in control, so... Everything is working out in your favor. There is NOTHING better than following your dreams, living out loud...following God's plan for your life, and hanging on to the edge, laughing in the wind, while he leads you completely and totally by faith...about EVERYTHING! Even the stuff that sucks! It's exhilarating. It's's humbling. It's what I've been searching for my whole life. I finally know what it means to "let go...and let God." It is the true definition of freedom. Even when you dont have it all perfectly worke…

Tell You What I Know

I have been writing for 7 hours doesn't even seem that long. I am amazed at how this book is seamlessly coming together. It's like I'm not even thinking as I'm it's just pouring out from the innermost places of my heart. Sometimes, I have to stop, and read back over what I wrote a few times, because I was in almost a trance like state as I pushed the keys on my laptop. I just KNOW that I'm going to read back gibberish...but, it's's exactly what I meant to say...‪#‎craziness‬. This story is hard to often has me feeling some kind of's my truth in its rawest form...and I feel so naked. But, I can't bare to make it any other way. Any other way would be an injustice. Its the truth that is gonna help somebody. I didn't erase anything...i left the 19 chapters as they were...and after falling sleeping last night feeling defeated, and concerned...I woke up this am, with an idea and a plan. Wat…

Watch Me Grow...

So...I spent hours looking over the original manuscript of my "Tell You What I Know" story (A biography of my journey to here), thinking that I was going to pick up where I left off, finish it all up, tie it with a pretty bow, and get it on off to the publisher...after doing crazy edits ...I realize that I have to start all. over. again. I am such a DRAMATICALLY different person from when I last wrote in early 2014 that it's just not going to perspective has changed so immensely (gross profanity usage, and self inflated, grandiose, ego grandstanding, rant filled viewpoint included ...smh...why yall ain't tell me I was such a booger? ),and my story has progressed more than I could ever life is uber amazing!! (I mean...Billboard charts, international success, a record that just wont die, rekindling my relationship with my long lost love and marrying him (I LOVE my darling husband), buying our first house, starting 2 businesses, overcoming substan…

Ready To Soar

God didn't lead the Israelites the shortest route to the promised land. He led them the longer way on purpose, because they were not ready for war. Their enemies were stronger, bigger, and more experienced than they were. They would have been defeated easily. He used the uncomfortable time in the wilderness to toughen up the Israelites and prepare them for their destiny. We cannot pray away every uncomfortable situation. God is more interested in changing us than he is in changing our circumstances. He loves us too much to leave us where we are. God uses the tough times to get us prepared for the next level. Our tough times are not happening TO us, but FOR us...they are refining us, growing us up, and preparing us to soar. Embrace where you are...(don't settle for mediocrity) but, enjoy your life while you trust God to direct your steps, and prepare you for your future. You know that you are truly trusting God when you have peace, and are at rest while you are waiting. Trust h…

I Ain't Got No Worries...

Our natural mind wants to try to figure it all out. But that's not our job...Our job is simply to believe. We will never rise any higher in our lives until we make room for it in our own thinking. As long as we are believing, we are in a controlled environment. God is in control of our lives...He even is in control of our enemies. God is going to take care of us.
Trust him. Speak God's word. Keep smiling. Keep having a good report. If we delight ourselves in the Lord, he will give us the secret petitions (desires) of our hearts. God wants to do more than we can ask or think...or even imagine. Take the limits off of God. No worries...TRUST HIM! ‪#‎morethanaconqueror‬‪#‎ihavethefavorofgod‬‪#‎peoplelikeme‬‪#‎mydreamsarecomingtopass‬‪#‎highlyfavored‬‪#‎kingskid‬‪#‎icantlose‬‪#‎anointed‬‪#‎ihavegoodsuccess‬‪#‎happygirljj‬‪#‎borntowin‬

Would You Sign This, Please?

I remember when I was 10 or parents took my cousin and me to Disney World. I had this Disney autograph book that for weeks leading up to our trip, I dreamt of filling it up with ALL the Disney stars signatures...(it was shiny, yellow...and is now LONG gone) in the hot summer sun...I trudged around the "happiest place on Earth" and gathered the signatures ofMinnie, Mickey, Goofy, Donald...Cinderella...and so on...I felt on top of the world and accomplished...I felt so special having those signatures. My dream had come true. Now...I am amazed at how people ask me to take pictures with them, and for ME to sign their books, programs, arms, shirts, chests, magazines, posters, HEADS (lol)...etc. etc...of which I am HONORED to do (people's smiles warm my heart over something so simple.) I am even further humbled, as I travel ALL OVER THE WORLD, when people tell me that my story touches them, inspires them, and gives them hope. I couldn't dream of a bigger blessing.…

New Levels...New Devils.

New levels...New devils. But I WILL NOT be moved. I learned a whole lot in my last season...and I FULLY intend to pass this grade with honors. Nothings gonna take my praise or my smile...nothings going to shake my faith. ‪#‎goditrustyou‬‪#‎happygirljj‬‪#‎shedonegrowedup‬‪#‎grateful‬‪#‎itsnotmybattle‬‪#‎praywithoutceasing‬‪#‎morethanaconqueror‬‪#‎tellyouwhatiknow‬‪#‎theartistlife‬

I LOVE My Life!

So...This week I am finishing up the writing for my new record...rehabbing and decorating my house with my husband...doing some writing for my 1st book...have a really cool show (1st annual bookfair-where author, John Grisham is the featured guest)...holding rehearsals for and finishing booking my JJ Thames. fall tour...starting my French Rosetta Stone 😆...have a BIG featured (front cover!!!) interview for an amazing magazine...launching a new ad campaign for my husband and I's general contracting company...and working on new websites for my music, and the contracting company... I feel like superwoman...but, I wouldn't change a BIT of it for the whole entire world. I LOVE MY LIFE...I LOVE THE PEOPLE IN IT!!! I LOVE WAKING UP EVERYDAY! Even on days that turn out to be...well, "challenging" for lack of a better word... I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE MY LIFE! Im grateful EVERYDAY!! Follow your dreams...and do what you LOVE!! Life is too short to put it off til tomorrow. Live o…