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Just because you give birth to a child, doesn't mean that you own them or their futures. Teach a child your core values, and your faith...and let them soar. Stop trying to live two lives through your child. Your journey is not necessarily theirs. They have their own dreams, their own destinies, their own paths...their own lives to live. The very best gift that we can give our children is our unconditional love and support as they find themselves...they have a right to the pursuit of happiness, and to just be. They don't owe you anything... no matter how much you spent on them, nor how many hours you were in labor.
 -JJ Thames
I recall saying as a little girl that I didn't want any children, didn't want to get married...was going to live in the city in a high rise or a loft...own a nightclub/restaurant where I could sing whenever I wanted to, travel the world, make records, and be a writer...traditional life was never for me.
Everyone told me I was crazy and that I would c…

JJ's Year of Destiny Day 278- THINK and Grow Stankin, Filthy Rich!

You wanna talk about money? Let's talk about money... You wanna talk about the uplifting of a people... Let's talk about that... Religion, God, Self-building, CERN, NWO agendas, Groupthink, Love (or lack there of), Familial Roles, Goals, Dreams, Aspirations, Fears, Hopes, Gentrification, Personality Types and Assessments, Orwell, Huxley, Business Development??? YES! YES! YES! Let's talk about ALL that...Housewives of wherever? The new Young Thug video? *sucks teeth* Miss me with that...I wanna flex my mind...walk away from a conversation titillated with intrigue, racing home,energized and pulsating to perform my own brain cramping from the stretching, turning and lifting...come on, talk to me baby, please, take your time, make love to my mind. -jj thames. 
It takes maturity to stop using other people's feedback as a sign that you are on the right track;And instead, develop the ability to spot inconsistencies, and be willing to call out that the Emperor isn't…

JJ's Year of Destiny- Day 273: It All Comes Back Full Circle

"You and I  have defied and defined time  to realign right here where we stand look in my eyes, there's someone waiting there someone you loved oh so very well.  through ages and eons  from creation to revelation  I've loved you over and over and over and over again  from plantations through elevation  royal thrones and abdications  our souls search and find  repair the breach and mend. you are my all in all  I'll always find you no matter how far we are  you are my all in all I'll always find my way back to you, my love  no matter how far we are all in all"  -jj thames
so...this thing called "adulting"...I'on like it...i'on like it, not one bit. I feel like being in your 30's is like being a teenager all over again, like its the adolescent years of adulthood, except with responsibilities hanging over your head... you have the breaking up or distancing of friendships. (often because of being in different life stages- i.e. people getting married, having chil…

JJ's Year Of Destiny- Day 82- Who, Me? Yes,You!...Couldn't, Be! Then, Who?

"Everybody's story...ain't your story.

So stop tryna fit into their fairytale template.

Do you...

God's plan for your life requires you...doing you.

And you allowing Him to do Him, through you. 

Let Him be the lead in your story...

It'll be one rockin ride!"

-jj thames.

Flashback to 2009. I was 27 years old, a new mother (3 month little boy, Israel Angel)...In a new state (New York City)...and in a new position (full time minster) ...surprised? well...I sure was.
I had dropped out of ministerial school, ran away from the church, from everyone that I ever knew, from my past, from all of my hurts (mainly the death of my 2 year old son)...and high tailed it as far away from Mississippi as I could go at the time. I was supposed to be in New York to pursue my music career...God had other plans.
During this season of exile...I spent HOURS upon HOURS locked away studying and meditating on the word of God, worshiping, and spending time in God's Presence...I had mentor…

JJ's Year of Destiny- Day 75- Looking Like a Fool and Proud of It

I've lived my life for me...

Most bad, little good...

Now it's His turn.

-Jj Thames.

People will take the one bad thing you did, and define you... how do you reverse that?
I have lived a life so sordid that when I share bits and pieces, It leaves demure women and sophisticated ladies, clutching their pearls, and "blessing my heart." Many folks don't believe me, because by the grace of God, I don't look like what I've been through...matter of seems that the older I get, the more I fall in love with Jesus, and give Him my all...the younger people think I am.
"Why do you jump around, and cry, and fall on your knees, Jennifer? Why do you outstretch your hands, and often become speechless and overwhelmed? Why do you smile, and spin in circles, and laugh when you are singing songs to God? It doesn't take all that...God knows your heart, and He is not moved by sensationalism and physical displays of emotion. It only draws attention to self, and it …

JJ's Year of Destiny- Day 70- TWO AND TWO, RIGHT BACK AT CHA (Dating SUCKS)

"No more bad boys... like...ever. my jerk quota has been filled. I'm not in 1st grade anymore, punching me in the arm, pulling my hair and pushing me to the ground ain't cute anymore. It now is grounds for an arrest.
Shirking responsibility, reckless behavior, and defying authority isn't's stupid, and immature -grow up, already." -jj thames.

I am preparing to lead a small group at my church. I am really excited about it....
It's about dating. sucks...
and being a Christian girl, and even more, cuz there's no sex involved, and I'm not talking about no 90 day waiting period either! (yeah, I said it.)
THAT slims down the sea of fish real quick... (Tuh! DON'T act like you've never been on that dating site *sideye*) We have all been catfished at one time or another.
I met a guy online once...he said he was 6'2"...Try 5'2"!!!! I wanted to punch him in the face for wasting my time...LIKE I WASN…