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Jj's Year of Coming of Age- Day 103- It's Time To Start All Over Again

It's always amazing to write new music---
as one of those "artsy" people...whatever I am going through is addressed in my writing...Writing is how I purge, heal, grow, clarify, and process...It's how I breathe... My influences are truly different this time around. My sound is different this time around...I feel like I'm finally stripping away expectations of others and revealing myself as the artist that I have always been in my head. I have nothing to lose. Songwriting concepts that I've wanted to capture for a long time now, but hadn't reached the level of musicianship to be able to execute it without it sounding forced- are now flowing effortlessly like water. It's not as simple as writing about broken hearts, and angry woman anthems...though those have served me well over the years...I'm tackling subjects that make me walk circumspectly around my own heart and mind, looking into the shadows, and expanding the understanding of myself and my re…