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You Can Be A Loser If You So Choose...Just Leave Me Alone.

"Busted cocoons... you already know how to fly, butterfly... open your wings wide... Busted cocoons... fly high on the wind... don't let a dirt man  convince you to ever crawl again... Busted cocoons." - Jj Thames

I REALLY WISH people would stop defending and protecting mediocrity. IT'S NOT SOMETHING GOOD TO DEFEND! It amazes me that many times I post positive things on social media or say things from the stage, or just in day to day life...and people are up in arms because I encourage people to become their best follow their dreams, and refuse to settle for less. I find it really interesting that people would much rather protect their right to be mediocre and not live up to their potential; rather than figure out how to live big...and truly enjoy life! What are you afraid of? And why are you getting mad at me for daring to believe that you and everyone else can be ANYTHING that you are willing to set your mind to...this includes being mediocre, should you so cho…