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JJ's Year Of Destiny- Day 82- Who, Me? Yes,You!...Couldn't, Be! Then, Who?

"Everybody's story...ain't your story.

So stop tryna fit into their fairytale template.

Do you...

God's plan for your life requires you...doing you.

And you allowing Him to do Him, through you. 

Let Him be the lead in your story...

It'll be one rockin ride!"

-jj thames.

Flashback to 2009. I was 27 years old, a new mother (3 month little boy, Israel Angel)...In a new state (New York City)...and in a new position (full time minster) ...surprised? well...I sure was.
I had dropped out of ministerial school, ran away from the church, from everyone that I ever knew, from my past, from all of my hurts (mainly the death of my 2 year old son)...and high tailed it as far away from Mississippi as I could go at the time. I was supposed to be in New York to pursue my music career...God had other plans.
During this season of exile...I spent HOURS upon HOURS locked away studying and meditating on the word of God, worshiping, and spending time in God's Presence...I had mentor…